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The Thinking Strings Explained™ series of eBooks offers high-quality, low-cost alternatives to traditional textbook content. Written by respected scholars in their disciplines, Explained™ eBooks are designed to be read on-screen. Their responsive format means they are comfortably read on a computer, a tablet, or smartphone. To facilitate learning, the main point of each paragraph of text precedes it in bold.

Applied Ethics Explained™ includes seven chapters that cover the basics of ethical theory and their application to contemporary issues that are often taught in introductory ethics and applied ethics courses, along with a chapter on the future of ethics that looks briefly at the question of why it is important to study ethics and what kinds of ethical issues are likely to be important in the immediate future. The text is written to provide user-friendly, broad, and balanced discussions of representative ethical arguments about timely issues.

The seven chapters include:

  • What Is Ethics?
  • Abortion
  • Capital Punishment
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Euthanasia
  • Future Ethics

The ethical issue examined in each of the topic chapters is accompanied by dramas that illustrate how the issue is approached in everyday life and conversation. Contextually placed excerpts from key philosophers, researchers, landmark court decisions, relevant legislation, and sacred texts, help students to get a glimpse of the history of debate on ethical issues as well as to appreciate the voice of those who have contributed to those debates.

The major ethical theories discussed in the first chapter are clearly applied to each ethical issue discussed in subsequent chapters. The ethical theories in Applied Ethics Explained™ include not only central philosophical theories such as egoism, utilitarianism, rights and justice, and natural law, but also up-to-date treatments of virtue theory and religious ethics. Instructors can easily choose which ethical theories they want to focus upon for each ethical issue. Each of the issue chapters provide historical and legal context of the issue as well as a balanced application of the ethical theories to that issue. Content is updated on a semester-by-semester basis, improving existing material with new developments related to each issue.

  • Designed for adoption in college and university introductory ethics courses
  • Students explore principles of applied ethics in a clearly organized framework
  • Affordable student cost
  • Instructors who adopt Revealing® Applied Ethics receive Applied Ethics Explained™ at no charge to their students.

About the author: Revealing® Applied Ethics and Applied Ethics Explained™

Paul Custodio Bube is the W. Lewis McColgan Professor of Religion at Lyon College, Arkansas. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California and his A.B. from the University of Notre Dame. Prof. Bube has written books and articles in the areas of religious ethics and process theology. He has taught courses in applied ethics for over 20 years.

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