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The Thinking Strings Explained™ series of eBooks offers high-quality, low-cost alternatives to traditional textbook content. Written by respected scholars in their disciplines, Explained™ eBooks are designed to be read on-screen. Their responsive format means they are comfortably read on a computer, a tablet, or smartphone. To facilitate learning, the main point of each paragraph of text precedes it in bold.

Archaeology Explained™ offers students a compelling look at the principles and procedures of archaeological research. The eight chapters are:

  • Humanity’s Imprint
  • Leaving a Trail
  • Tracking Down Time
  • Charting Time
  • Following the Trail
  • Detecting Technology
  • Provisioning Society
  • Preserving the Trail

The text is written to make the material accessible without oversimplifying. Carefully chosen examples bring the content into a specific context to deepen students’ understanding of the subject matter. Archaeology Explained™ is an easy fit for both distance learning courses and traditional classroom environments.

Note: Adoption of Revealing® Archaeology Interactive Explorations® courseware includes use of Archaeology Explained™.

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