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The Thinking Strings Explained™ series of eBooks offers high-quality, low-cost alternatives to traditional textbook content. Written by respected scholars in their disciplines, Explained™ eBooks are designed to be read on-screen. Their responsive format means they are comfortably read on a computer, a tablet, or smartphone. To facilitate learning, the main point of each paragraph of text precedes it in bold.

Criminology Explained™ includes twelve chapters that treat the major topics covered in criminology courses.

Criminology Explained™ is an easy fit for both distance learning courses and traditional classroom environments. If you are tired of assigning material that students don’t read, or that leaves them struggling to retain basic information, you will be thrilled with Criminology Explained™.

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Note: Adoption of Revealing® Criminology Interactive Explorations® courseware includes use of Criminology Explained™.


  • Designed for adoption in college and university introductory criminology courses
  • Students explore principles of criminology in a clearly organized framework
  • Affordable student cost



  • Defining Crime & Criminology
  • Measuring Crime
  • Trends & Patterns
  • Origins of Criminology
  • Crime & Environment
  • Socialization & Crime
  • Critical Perspectives
  • Violent Crimes
  • Property Crimes
  • Vice & Illegal Enterprise
  • Elite Crime
  • Crime & Societal Reaction

Author: Maureen Outlaw, Ph.D. (Providence College)

Edited by Eliot Werner

About the author: Criminology Explained™

Maureen Outlaw is Assistant Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Providence College in Rhode Island. In addition to Criminology, she teaches advanced seminars in Conflict & Violence, Women & Crime, and Intimate Partner Violence. Her published research focuses on the role of gender and control in intimate partner violence.

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