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The Thinking Strings Explained™ series of eBooks offers high-quality, low-cost alternatives to traditional textbook content. Written by respected scholars in their disciplines, Explained™ eBooks are designed to be read on-screen. Their responsive format means they are comfortably read on a computer, a tablet, or smartphone. To facilitate learning, the main point of each paragraph of text precedes it in bold.

The New Testament is the foundational text of Christianity, the world’s most populous religion. As such, the New Testament requires informed, responsible engagement from Christians and non-Christians alike. The New Testament Explained™ is designed to equip students for such engagement by bringing the New Testament to life as a historically situated, theologically diverse, and ethically fraught text—or, rather, an anthology of early Christian texts, each with its own distinctive voice.

The New Testament Explained™ includes thirteen chapters. The chapters can be studied in whatever order the instructor prefers. The thirteen chapters include:

  • Exploring the New Testament
  • The Gospel of Mark
  • The Synoptic Problem
  • The Gospel of Matthew
  • The Gospel of Luke
  • The Acts of the Apostles
  • The Gospel and Letters of John
  • The Lives of Paul
  • The Letters of Paul
  • Paul, Women, Homosexuality
  • The Pseudo-Pauline Letters
  • The General Letters
  • The Book of Revelation

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Note: The New Testament Explained™ is included for student use at no charge with adoption of Revealing® the New Testament.

Author: Stephen D. Moore, Ph.D. (Drew University)

About the author: Revealing® the New Testament  and The New Testament Explained™

Stephen D. Moore is Edmund S. Janes Professor of New Testament Studies in the Theological School and Graduate Division of Religion at Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. A native of Ireland, he received the Ph.D. in New Testament from the University of Dublin (Trinity College) long ago. He is the author or co-author, editor or co-editor of around two dozen books, including Literary Criticism and the Gospels: The Theoretical Challenge (Yale University Press, 1989); The Postmodern Bible (Yale University Press, 1995); God’s Gym: Divine Male Bodies of the Bible (Routledge, 1996); God’s Beauty Parlor: And Other Queer Spaces in and around the Bible (Stanford University Press, 2001); Empire and Apocalypse: Postcolonialism and the New Testament (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2006); Mark and Method: New Approaches in Biblical Studies (with Janice Capel Anderson; Fortress Press, 2008, 2nd ed.); The Invention of the Biblical Scholar: A Critical Manifesto (with Yvonne Sherwood; Fortress Press, 2011); and Untold Tales from the Book of Revelation: Sex and Gender, Empire and Ecology (SBL Press, 2014). He has served on the editorial boards of many journals, including the Journal of Biblical Literature. He has been learning from teaching the New Testament for more than thirty years, and his most treasured professional achievements are the teaching awards he has won.


The New Testament Explained Highlights

  • Students explore the New Testament in a clearly organized framework.
  • Designed for adoption in college and university world religions courses. Affordable student cost.
  • Instructors who adopt Revealing® the New Testament receive access to The New Testament Explained™ at no charge to their students.

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