Below is a list of frequently asked questions. The answers to most questions are usually found here. Please check this list before contacting us.

Question: Will my computer run the Interactive Explorations® app? What is required of my computer?

Answer: Here are the Minimum System Requirements for the Interactive Explorations® app.

  • Microsoft® Windows Vista or later
  • Macintosh® OS X 10.7.5 or later
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB Recommended)
  • Reliable broadband internet connection
  • 30 MB of space or on hard drive or USB drive
  • Display resolution of 1280 x 768
  • On Windows, QuickTime version 7.7 or later
  • Computer speakers or headphones
  • “Netbooks” and tablets (e.g., iPad) are not supported
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Question: I registered my courseware and now I see my Achievement Profile. What do I do now?

Answer: Using your courseware is quite simple. Let’s say you want to do the first module or Revealing® Archaeology (Humanity’s Imprint) or the first module of Revealing World Religions (Exploring Religion). When you are on your Achievement Profile, single-click on the title of the module, Humanity’s Imprint Or Exploring Religion. This will show you all the sections of that module in a second column on your Achievement Profile. Then, double-click on one of these. This will take you to that section. You need to go through screen by screen (click the right arrow button at the bottom of the screen or use the right arrow key on your keyboard). There’s stuff to read and activities to do.

On any screen, click the star in the lower left to get back to your Achievement Profile. You can also single-click on any entry in the second column of your Achievement Profile to see more details in the third column.

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Question: I’m not receiving a gold star for an entry on my Achievement Profile. How do I check to see what work I haven’t yet completed?

Answer: You receive a “completed” star next to each entry when you have completed the work for that section. (If you roll over the gold star, you will see the date of completion.) These are cumulative; you will have a star in the second column when you have completed all the work in the underlying third column. Once you have stars for every section in the second column, you will receive a star for the entire module (i.e., Humanity’s Imprint). Rolling over a star shows you the date of completion. When you complete an individual “screen,” the star in the lower left of the window will turn gold.

To complete a particular section for which you do not have a gold star, please double-click the entry on your Achievement Profile. This will take you to the FIRST page of that section or topic. Many sections have multiple pages/screens. Click the right arrow button or use the right arrow key on your keyboard to move forward one page at a time. Be sure you have a gold star on every page.

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Question: I am reading the text on the page quickly. It seems like I’m always waiting to receive credit (a gold star). What should I do?

Answer: If you find you are reading the text more quickly than the time required to receive credit, why not Alt-Click (Win) or Opt-Click (Mac) to check out the background image and its caption? Or, explore Glossary terms (rollover the text; the cursor will change to a pointer when a word is defined), or rollover page titles for bibliographic references, URLs, etc. The students who get the most out of this courseware are those who use the tools it provides to explore more than the text, not just skim the text for main ideas. There’s lots to be learned by exploring…

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Question: Can I print the text of my courseware?

Answer: You can print the text of any screen by clicking the Print Page button at the lower right of the screen. Many students find it useful to print the “Summary” page of each section to use as a study guide.

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Question: When I first registered my courseware, I did not enter the Pass Key for my class. How can I enter my Pass Key now?

Answer: To add your Pass Key to your courseware registration, here’s what to do:

  • Be sure you have an active internet connection.
  • Log in to your courseware.
  • On the Achievement Profile, double-click your name.
  • On the registration info page, click the button on the bottom that says to “Use this Software for a Class.”
  • Enter your student ID and the Pass Key your professor told you, and then press Continue.
  • You will be asked to confirm your course.
  • Wait until you are told your registration has been updated and you again see your Achievement Profile.
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Question: (Revealing® Archaeology) In the Digging a Site section of Following the Trail, my pie charts, scatterplots, contingency tables, etc., don’t contain any data.

Answer: The pie charts, scatterplots, contingency tables, etc., in the Try It: Digging a Site section of Revealing® Archaeology contain data pulled from your excavated assemblages. Different students will have different data. In order to have any data on your pie charts, you must excavate on page 31 of the Digging a Site section of Following the Trail. Please note that you must click “through” a stratum to collect those artifacts it contains. When you first see the stratum, you are looking down on it (and the artifacts it contains) from above — the artifacts remain in the ground until you click through the stratum, collecting the sediments and the artifacts (and thereby the data) it contains. To see which portions of any stratum you have already excavated, use the “stratum menu” at the upper right of the excavation screen (page 31). Complete instructions are provided on pages 19 through 30 of the same section.

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Question: How do I edit some of my original registration information?

Answer: To edit any of the information you entered when you registered your courseware, be sure you have an active internet connection. Then, double-click your name at the top of your Achievement Profile. Edit any information as necessary and then click Continue. You will receive a message saying that your update message was sent successfully and you will be returned to your Achievement Profile.®