This DEMO version of the Interactive Explorations® app will allow you to experience samples of Thinking Strings® courseware. Follow the steps below to download a copy. You will need OS X 10.7.5 or later on your Macintosh, or Windows Vista or later on your PC.


  • Please read the End User License Agreement below. If you agree to its terms click the “Download Now” button for your computer’s operating system (Mac or Windows).
  • The downloaded file will arrive on your computer. On a Mac, it will arrived as a compressed .(zip) file and will be saved in the folder you have specified downloaded files be saved. It may be automatically de-compressed by your browser. Otherwise, you will have to de-compress the file yourself. On a Windows computer, a folder will be saved where you have specified that downloads be placed.
  • On a Mac, after downloading, feel free to move the Interactive Explorations® Demo app to your Applications folder or, on Windows to another location (Windows). You may wish to save a copy of the Demo app on a USB Flash Drive for portable use.



Interactive Explorations® Demo for Mac (v I Agree to the End User License Agreement above.

Posted 22 April 2018



Interactive Explorations® Demo for Windows (v 1.0.9). I Agree to the End User License Agreement above.

Posted 18 December 2017