Interactive Explorations® are thoughtfully designed software (courseware) titles that replace textbooks and complement personalized instruction in classroom and distance learning environments. While courseware can’t replace a great teacher, it can significantly enrich learning. By adapting the powerful multimedia capabilities (and infinite patience) of computers to the needs of individual learners, Interactive Explorations® use time-tested pedagogical techniques to reinforce instruction. By design, Interactive Explorations® provide flexibility in the time and location of instruction and the use of additional resources. Thinking Strings® Interactive Explorations® adapt easily to any instructional context and provide the best of what courseware can offer to both students and teachers.

Interactive Explorations® engage students in ways that traditional textbooks cannot. Students explore the content in a clearly organized framework. Each multimedia courseware title includes, as appropriate, narrated text, interactive exercises that encourage analytic understanding, a journal in which students write their developing thoughts, thousands of images, excerpts from primary sources, and audio excerpts.

Interactive Explorations® automatically track student achievements, including responses to essay questions. Progress data are reported in real time to the instructor in the Interactive Grade Book® (provided at no charge). Instructors can assign due dates and point values for automatic calculation of points earned.

By presenting the subject material in an engaging manner that is proven to enhance independent learning, Interactive Explorations® free up class time and online discussion space for the kind of learning that classrooms and teachers provide best: student interaction, discussion, and the opportunity to address specific student needs and interests. If you are tired of assigning material that students don’t read, or that leaves them struggling to retain basic information, you will be thrilled with Interactive Explorations®.