Revealing® Archaeology

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Students are offered a compelling look at the principles and procedures of archaeological research. The eight modules include:

  • Humanity’s Imprint
  • Leaving a Trail
  • Tracking Down Time
  • Charting Time
  • Following the Trail
  • Detecting Technology
  • Provisioning Society
  • Preserving the Trail

Revealing® Archaeology Highlights

  • Students explore theoretical and methodological approaches of modern anthropological archaeology in a clearly organized framework.
  • Uses cutting edge multimedia technologies. Narration, animation, and sound enliven the learning experience.
  • Achievement Profile emphasizes progress and acts as a clearly organized table of contents and navigational hub.
  • Assistance Palette includes integrated Bibliography, Glossary, Search, Recent Pages, Notes, Review, and Support tabs.
  • Exercises encourage analytic understanding of content.
  • Designed for adoption in college and university courses in anthropological archaeology. Affordable student cost.
  • Instructors who adopt Revealing® Archaeology for class use receive access to the time-saving Thinking Strings Interactive Grade Book® at no charge.
  • Runs on both Macintosh® and Windows® computers.
  • Content is fully customizable to meet the needs of specific courses. Contact us for more details.

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