Revealing® Criminology

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Author: Maureen Outlaw, Ph.D. (Providence College)

Edited by Eliot Werner

About the author: Revealing® Criminology

Maureen Outlaw is Assistant Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Providence College in Rhode Island. In addition to Criminology, she teaches advanced seminars in Conflict & Violence, Women & Crime, and Intimate Partner Violence. Her published research focuses on the role of gender and control in intimate partner violence.


Revealing® Criminology Highlights

  • Designed for adoption in college and university introductory criminology courses.
  • Students explore principles of criminology in a clearly organized framework.
  • Cutting-edge multimedia technologies enliven the learning experience with narration, interactivity, and sound.
  • Achievement Profile emphasizes progress and acts as a clearly organized table of contents and navigational hub
  • Assistance Palette includes integrated Bibliography, Glossary, Search, Recent Pages, Notes, Review, and Support tabs
  • Try Its encourage analytic understanding of content.
  • Affordable student cost.
  • Instructors who adopt Revealing® Criminology for class use receive access to the time-saving Thinking Strings Interactive Grade Book® at no charge.
  • Runs on the latest Apple® Macintosh® and Windows® computers.
  • Prompt and courteous technical support for both students and instructors.

Revealing® Criminology enriches each student’s learning experience. It is a flexible teaching and learning tool that can be used either as the principal class text and in conjunction with additional materials.

Revealing® Criminology is an easy fit for either distance learning courses or regular classroom use. By teaching the basics of criminology in an engaging manner that is proven to enhance independent learning, Revealing® Criminology frees up class time for the kind of learning that classrooms and distance learning teaching platforms provide best: student interaction, discussion, and the opportunity to address specific student needs and interests.

Instructors who adopt Revealing® Criminology receive no-cost access to the Interactive Grade Book®. This time-saving tool securely and automatically collects, compiles, and summarizes student achievement reports.

Thinking Strings® handles all technical support, allowing the instructor to concentrate on teaching, not technology.

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Revealing® Criminology includes twelve modules (corresponding to textbook chapters) that treat the major topics covered in criminology courses.

  • Defining Crime & Criminology
  • Measuring Crime
  • Trends & Patterns
  • Origins of Criminology
  • Crime & Environment
  • Socialization & Crime
  • Critical Perspectives
  • Violent Crimes
  • Property Crimes
  • Vice & Illegal Enterprise
  • Elite Crime
  • Crime & Societal Reaction

The first three modules discuss the definition and popular understanding (social construction) of crime, the measurement of crime, and key trends and patterns in crime in the United States. The fourth through seventh modules critique the major criminological theories, from the classical school and trait theories to social structure and social process theories and critical criminology. Each of the next four modules covers a major type of crime: violent crime, property crime, public order and organized crime, and white-collar and corporate crime. The final module examines the harm caused by different kinds of crime, as well as how society responds to crime.

The text is written to make the material accessible without oversimplifying, providing examples and interactive activities throughout. Most sections of each module also include a “Make it Real” segment intended to bring the material into a specific context to deepen students’ understanding of the subject matter.

The material presented in Revealing® Criminology is consistent with contemporary criminology and its reliance on criminal law. At the same time, it frequently reminds readers of how the definitions and understanding of crime are created and maintained within our stratified society and that issues of race, social class, gender, and age color them. This unique combination provides students with the basic information and tools they need to understand crime in American society, while encouraging them to challenge their own preconceived notions of crime.

Images illustrate the presentation at the rate of one for roughly every paragraph of text—a ratio that print textbooks cannot begin to match. An extensive and easily searchable glossary and bibliography, as well as review questions, provide additional resources for students. The narration is a tremendous asset for students with learning differences, auditory learners, and those whose native language is not English. A robust set of supplementary materials (including test banks in various formats) is provided to the instructor on adoption.

Revealing® Criminology offers a learning experience that is richer, more meaningful, and ultimately better retained. It is a highly flexible product, capable of being used in conjunction with additional materials, should the instructor prefers. Revealing® Criminology is an easy fit for both distance learning courses and traditional classroom environments. Student achievements in Revealing® Criminology are tracked and reported to the instructor through the Interactive Grade Book®.

By teaching the basics of criminology in an engaging manner that enhances independent learning, Revealing® Criminology frees up class time for the kind of learning that teachers and classrooms provide best: student interaction, discussion, and the opportunity to address specific student needs and interests. If you are tired of assigning material that students don’t read, or that leaves them struggling to retain basic information, you will be thrilled with Revealing® Criminology.