Revealing® the Hebrew Bible

Includes the NRSV Old Testament

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Revealing® the Hebrew Bible Highlights

  • Students explore in a clearly organized framework
  • Includes the NRSV Hebrew Bible contextually hyperlinked to the body text for convenient reference. Can be read straight through on its own, as well.
  • Cutting-edge multimedia technologies enliven the learning experience with narration, interactivity, and sound.
  • Achievement Profile emphasizes progress and acts as a clearly organized table of contents and navigational hub
  • Assistance Palette includes integrated Glossary, Bibliography, Search, Recent Pages, Review, and Help
  • Try Its encourage analytic understanding of content
  • Affordable student cost
  • Instructors who adopt Revealing® the Hebrew Bible for class use receive access to the time-saving Thinking Strings Interactive Grade Book® at no charge
  • Runs on the latest Macintosh® and Windows® computers
  • Prompt and courteous technical support for both students and instructors
  • Revealing® the Hebrew Bible enriches each student’s learning experience. It is a flexible teaching and learning tool that can be used either as the principal class text or in conjunction with additional materials.

Revealing® the Hebrew Bible is an easy fit for either distance learning courses or regular classroom use. With an engaging presentation that is proven to enhance independent learning, Revealing® the Hebrew Bible frees up class time for the kind of learning that classrooms and distance learning teaching platforms provide best: student interaction, discussion, and the opportunity to address specific student needs and interests.

Instructors who adopt Revealing® the Hebrew Bible receive no-cost access to the Interactive Grade Book®. This time-saving tool securely and automatically collects, compiles, and summarizes student achievement reports.

Thinking Strings® handles all technical support, allowing the instructor to concentrate on teaching, not technology.

Author: Barry Sang, Ph.D. (Catawba College)

About the author: Revealing® the Hebrew Bible

Barry Sang is Professor of Religion and chair of the Religion and Philosophy Department at Catawba College where he has taught since the fall of 1985. He holds a B.A. from Carroll College in Wisconsin; a M.Div. from Colgate Rochester Theological Seminary in New York state; and a M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Drew University in New Jersey. Dr. Sang maintains ordinations in the American Baptist Churches, USA, and in the Presbyterian Church, USA. His special fields of interest are New Testament studies, Old Testament prophecy, and Process Theology. He has published in the latter.

Revealing® the Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Bible has shaped the lives of millions of people over more than two millennia. It is scripture for Judaism and Christianity, and sacred text for Islam. Exploration of this powerful text should be just as exciting as its history and content. Revealing® the Hebrew Bible employs a conversational style based on more than three decades of enthusiastic undergraduate classroom teaching. Assuming no prior knowledge of the Hebrew Bible, this introductory text blends an emphasis on both story and scholarship. Readers who know the stories of the Hebrew Bible well will enjoy their retelling but attention to the compelling insights provided by historical scholarship will lend deeper meaning to and appreciation of the stories. Readers for whom the Hebrew Bible is at best a distant acquaintance can shake hands with the text in ways that are reader- and user-friendly.

The thirteen modules include:

  • The Hebrew Bible
  • Reading the Hebrew Bible
  • World of the Patriarchs
  • Patriarchs & Their Travels
  • Exodus from Egypt
  • In the Promised Land
  • Order Out of Chaos
  • Ancient Near Eastern Prophecy
  • Classical Israelite Prophets 1
  • Classical Israelite Prophets 2
  • Going Home to Jerusalem
  • Books of Wisdom
  • Songs & Stories

Revealing® the Hebrew Bible establishes a firm foundation for a conversation with the text by addressing the fundamental questions necessary for navigating the text and for historical understanding of its rich contents. For example:

  • What distinguishes scripture from other texts?
  • How did the different books come to be united under one cover?
  • In what ways has the Hebrew Bible influenced Western civilization?
  • How do scholars use tools like literary analysis, archaeology, and tradition analysis to recover the authors’ intended meanings?
  • Out of what kind of world did the stories emerge?

The exploration progresses using the history of ancient Israel as its framework, emphasizing how the contents emerge from and speak to their ancient Near Eastern circumstances. Revealing® the Hebrew Bible is designed so that professors may select the modules they wish to teach. However, several modules—such as those on ancient Near Eastern and Israelite prophecy–when taught together, provide especially deep insights into the material.

The text provides not only frequent references to the primary sources, but the primary sources themselves, and especially the Hebrew Bible. Links to the relevant passages encourage students to explore the materials for themselves. The translation of the Hebrew Bible provided is the New Revised Standard Version because, on the whole, it is the most reliable translation available to the general public. This translation has the added advantage of employing gender-inclusive language; when the original language clearly means males, the NRSV stipulates “men,” but when the language clearly refers to both genders, then both are included in the translation.

Often, introductions to the Hebrew Bible either overwhelm their readers with historical detail—neglecting the powerful contents of the various books—or, they treat the content as if it were written just yesterday, ignoring the valuable insights provided by historical analysis. Revealing® the Hebrew Bible combines the best of both worlds.